Simple Silicon Services

Need to personally contact me? Email me at!

Hi there, I'm Myles! Are you experiencing issues with your computer or just want a basic walkthrough of how your computer works? Well, no need to worry. I can help you out!

I am not a certified technician, but I can provide a friendly, one on one service for your technical needs!

I can provide basic troubleshooting services, clean out viruses, update software and help you choose the right programs for everyday use!

I can help guide you through the process of choosing proper computer parts for your essential needs at reasonable prices.

I can personally upgrade hardware such as hard drives, RAM, power supplies, fans, and much more!

You can email me at for more information such as pricing, deliveries, and pickup! I only ask for payment for technical services at an hourly rate or hardware that may need to be purchased for fixing, not questions nor software walkthroughs. I am more than glad to help customers out!

Need a prebuilt gaming computer, server, simple work desktop, or need help choosing the right laptop? Ask me anything!